Sunday, 29 September 2013

Vogue 8750 and my Contest Mini Wardrobe Final Entry

For anyone that has not been following me I have entered a competition on pattern review to sew 4 items in 1 month and create at least 4 looks.  
So here is my entry picture.

 My little grey skirt my final piece, which I havent really had chance to post about is included.
I like this skirt, despite sewing the curves and constant unpicking. It proved to be the most difficult piece to do out of all the 4 due to the fabric.  The colour goes wonderfully with the top and it has a silver metallic finish, it reacted terribly to heat resulting in me having to press with a warm iron and a very damp cloth. The fabric was a bane it shrivelled, puckered and I am now unpicking my triple top stitching in an effort to make the skirt look less puckered.  Its too late in the day to redo the photos. But I will continue with my unpicking. 

In honesty looking at the pics some outfits work more than others. The shirt, though the fabric is soft it is somehow rigid which effects its overall appearance, for a start it makes me look bigger than I am.  The whole process was stash busting and using existing patterns, but I had to make a few purchases in the end. Yes I am my own worst critic with my handiwork, there is always improvement.  But  I have so enjoyed this contest its been fun and made me think more about what I was making and how it works with other items, instead of just matching available fabric to a pattern, its also been a great motivator for me.

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  1. What a great wardrobe you have put together. Very nice indeed. Love the colours and it all ties in so nicely.

  2. Yes, you have done a great job - and your photo's are well done too - gives a very good idea of all your outfits. You are right, it is a constant learning process :)

  3. that's a very nice mini-wardrobe! I really should follow your lead and plan my own makes better; thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. Looks great, Louise! I love the colors and I think all your pieces go together beautifully. The dark blue skirt with print top is totally fabulous!

  5. Well done Louise!! I hope you're very proud of yourself. You have made some lovely things, and what's more, made them in time for the contest!! My favourite is still the blue skirt. It's gorgeous.


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